Bhaktapur is also known as the “capital of cultural dances and cultural music”. Among many traditional cultural dances of Bhaktapur, mask dances are one of the most popular. And among these mask dances, the Bhairav Pyakhan or Bhairav Dance is the most popular one named as an aspect of Shiva.

Almost all of the traditional dances follow some kind of legend and traditional beliefs and same with the Bhairav Pyakhan. 

Myth behind the Bhairav Dance has been said as:

Hundreds of years back, the evil forces and beings, Bhoot, Pisach and Rakshasa, started to dominate the world. The evil beings, Daityas started destroying humans and the natural balance was threatened. Then the god Bhairava came down to earth with other divine bodies to destroy those evil beings for restoring peace and to maintain the natural balance.