A debriefing meeting of the Nepalese participants at NATTA Secretariat on 3rd May 2017was held after the completion of Bangladesh Travel & Tourism Fair 2017 (BTTF). 

Delegates who participated in the Fair shared their mixed views and experience in the meeting. Participants apprised that the people of Bangladesh have keen interest to visit Nepal and the Promotion of Nepal in Bangladesh is sure to draw a good number of visitors.

The debriefing was chaired by President Mr. Madhusudan Acharya, who shed light on the positive outcomes of the participation. 

On the last day of Fair, NATTA & NTB had jointly hosted Nepal Nite inviting officials from Nepal Embassy in Dhaka and quite a number of local tourism dignitaries. The BTTF 2017 was held under the aegis of Tour Operators Association of Bangladesh (TOAB) took place from 19th – 22nd April 2017,in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Nepalese participation in BTTF -2017 was actively coordinated by NATTA Executive Member Mr. Hari Bhakta Shrestha.