NATTA President

After being elected to the Office of the President of NATTA back on 17th January 2016 together with my colleagues in the NATTA Executive Committee, the first thing we unanimously decided was to formulate our Action Plan founded on the bedrock of all the good things stated in the election manifestos of friends in the run inter alia upgrading the existing website of NATTA. We also agreed to review and reconstruct the contents. A lot more also is in offing during this year which is being celebrated as the Golden Jubilee Year of our association.

The Nepalese Tourism faced a very tough time immediately after the devastating earthquake and our fraternity mustered strong to get back to its earlier status revivifying the industry. One of the most effective tools was obviously the use of all information channels and dissemination of positive features about the tourism attractions of the country. Beside the words of mouth, the social media and websites of the tourism stakeholders did contribute immensely in restoring and revivifying the tourism industry rapidly. Of late, the reports are encouraging and Nepalese tourism is gradually gaining the solicited momentum.  Hotels, Restaurants and market places are teeming with visitors. Nepal once more stands as one of the topmost coveted destinations in the world for its unparalleled bio-diversity, culture, natural panorama and adventurous activities.

We, on our part, are also busy organizing Sales Missions and formulating effective strategies to welcome our visitors and facilitate them the most we can. Promotion of tourism, if done in isolation, is sure to show poor returns. Let’s all get integrated and launch our campaigns together showcasing our nowhere-to-be-found products through whatever digitalised means or media.




Madhu Sudan Acharya